Friday, April 12, 2013

Lace in Hunter's Hill

Lace in Hunters Hill
Picture by Spelio - all rights reserved

This photograph is by a Flickr member and the title of the picture is "Lace in Hunter's Hill" this post gets its title from the photo's.

Lace is a must in terrace houses and although in Hunter's Hill there were not so many I recall at least one in Alexandra street on the way down to the Alexandra street wharf.  At the moment I cannot quite place this one, but no doubt someone will come in aid, as this is a work in progress blog and any kind od collaboration is welcome.

My thanks to "spelio" for letting me use this picture.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Vienna Cottage Hunters Hill

Vienna Cottage - picture from Wikipedia

38 Alexandra St., Hunters Hill

Vienna Cottage is a lovely house on Alexandra street. As a High School student I used to walk by it every day on the way back from school. Placed between the Post Office and the newsagent's store that used to be there, I often used to meet sweet little old ladies on that side of the road and they used to smile at me and say hello. The village atmoshere could really be felt.

External link:National Trust